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We bring JOY & LAUGHTER to the children in hospitals, LIFT the SPIRITS of people in need and contribute to making our society more HEARTFELT & HUMOROUS  

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What we do

There is a saying, that no one can feel as helpless as the owner of a sick goldfish. But everyone who has experienced the sense of helplessness one feels while having a sick child in hospital would agree that there is nothing that can compare to such a stressful time.

Clown Doctors strive to create a positive atmosphere at a time and place when hospital patients and their families most need an emotional boost.



Apart from educating Clown Doctors in Medical Clowning and organising their visits to hospitals nationwide, the Trust also spreads joy to businesses, offering humour workshops, speakers and skits for corporate events. This is only one of many newly established sponsorship activities called ‘Smile Days Initiatives’ which we are currently developing and introducing to our partners. 

Clown Doctors contribute to making our society more heartfelt and humorous with ‘New Zealand Smile Days’ annualy on April 7th.  

Please contact us for details regarding ‘Smile Initiatives’ and get involved in our activities. Help us bring the sound of laughter to New Zealand's hospitals and put smiles on the faces of those having to deal with challenging illnesses.


If you like to smile LIKE the real smile-makers on