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Programme Development

The Clown Doctors Charitable Trust NZ is constantly seeking to develop programmes that further our success, but can only do so with funding and sponsorship. One such programme in the development stages is ‘Medi-Circus’.

Clown Doctors want to produce smiles from patients in rehabilitation hospitals as well, in particular with patients transferred from acute care hospitals. Once patients are in a stable condition that allows participation in higher intensity physical activities, we will be able to enter them into Medi-Circus.

Medi-Circus will provide the opportunity for Clown Doctors to collaborate with the interdisciplinary team in developing a recovery plan that seeks to achieve patients’ maximum recovery with minimal discomfort.  The programme is to be developed and targeted for patients that have suffered from a stroke, spinal injury, brain injury, amputation, joint replacement, complicated fractures, arthritis, cardiac and pulmonary disease, or neurological disorders. These complicated recoveries require special care and attention, as part of a very difficult physical, emotional, and mental road to recovery.

Our Clown Doctors will aim to ‘teach’ the patients skills that incorporate rehabilitation exercises - such as juggling, balancing, or magic tricks - to animate them into repeating beneficial movements, while distracting them from the difficult process of therapy. Family and supporting groups will be most welcome to join, with their assistance appreciated.

The combination of medical expertise and a high level of artistic performance will result in tailored care for the patient, to be delivered by a notable range of highly respected specialists and trainers. Medi-Circus will further contribute to the Clown Doctors’ reputation for excellence and consistent success in supporting the healing process. In order to implement this unique state-of-the-art programme, we need funding from sponsors and donors.

Further funding would also enable us to develop the following smile-producing programmes we are aiming to implement:

-         Clown on Demand

-         Good Night Clown

-         Smile to Go

Any donation is gratefully received, and can be made here.

If you wish to become a sponsor, contact us here to discuss your options.


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