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We bring JOY & LAUGHTER to the children in hospitals, LIFT the SPIRITS of people in need and contribute to making our society more HEARTFELT & HUMOROUS  

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Smile Sponsors & Supporters

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our amazing sponsors and supporters for the ongoing help over the last three years. We’ve been fortunate enough to have some great organizations and companies on board and are humbled by their involvement, which demonstrate their awareness to social responsibility and a growing commitment to communities.  

We greatly appreciate their generosity, which makes it possible for us to continue our charitable activities for the benefit of the most vulnerable in our society: children and elderly in hospitals. 



Mega Smile - Premium Sponsors

contribute significant financial support on an ongoing basis, but even more important is their involvement in certain elements of the Clown Doctors strategic development. We are honored that such great supporters share our long-term vision: to provide at least one Clown Doctor Team visit every week, in every hospital in the country.

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Starship Foundation, Auckland


We know that helping improve a child's wellbeing is vital to their recovery and in many cases their survival. That is why in 2010 Starship Foundation brought laughter to the wards of the national children’s hospital, Starship. The Clown Doctors regularly visit the hospital visiting wards, outpatient clinics and the Children's Emergency Department on a regular basis on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. They play, tell jokes and have fun with children, parents and staff.


Photo: Patrick Bellertt

The Clown Doctors at Starship Hospital are funded exlusively through the generosity of Starship Foundation. Medical professionals, the children and parents who have experienced Clown Doctors, all agree that it can make an incredible difference to a child's perception and prognosis.

At the Starship Foundation, they say 'Giving is the Best Medicine', but seeing the outcome of Clown Doctors visits they agree that also 'Laughter is the Best Medicine'.


Huge Smile - Major Sponsors

provide significant funding as well a much needed and appreciated valuable services. These solid partnerships are crucial for maintaining ongoing operations, as well as for the future expansion of the Clown Doctors programme. We are delighted to be one of the charities of their choice and are thankful that we are able to rely on their generosity.

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Tradestaff is our founding sponsor, and we are very proud to have a long-standing relationship with such a prominent wholly New Zealand owned company. Tradestaff is New Zealand's leading supplier of temporary and permanent workers to the trade sector, with branches located throughout the country from Auckland to Queenstown. Their mission to be 'Cool and easy' aligns with the Clown Doctors very well, as Tradestaff endeavours to provide industrial employment solutions while maintaining a positive, fun, and innovative environment. One of their core values is "Passion - with passion anything is possible" - which we wholly believe in as well. Tradestaff have been working with us right from the beginning, and we are very grateful for their ongoing support.




Chris Parkin & Museum Art Hotel, Wellington

Mr. Chris Parkin's and his iconic beautiful Museum Art Hotel are our main Wellington sponsor. Previously located in Te Papa's location, the Museum Art Hotel employed ingenuity and train tracks to relocate 120m down the road in 1993. The Hotel is now located opposite Te Papa and the beautiful Wellington Waterfront, as well as a short walk away from the countless activities and culture Wellington is renowned for. Yahoo's worldwide list of ten of the best hotels with magnificent artwork includes the Museum Art Hotel, and if you are lucky enough to stay there, you will see why! The Hotel also boasts the Hippopotamus restaurant and cocktail bar, providing another collection of privately-owned original artwork. We love the creativity and enthusiasm the Museum Art Hotel has for its work, and the passion they have for helping the Clown Doctors as well. We are very grateful for their Wellington support. 



Lottery Grants Board


Lottery Grants Board

The Lottery Community Grants board distributes funds raised from the New Zealand Lottery to projects, activities, and services that have a community or social service focus, and which help connect communities, improve well-being and the quality of people's lives. Their mission is to enhance the well-being of New Zealanders and their communities. We are very grateful for their generous support, which has helped us keep the Clown Doctors New Zealand national office running.





New Zealand Community Trust

NZCT supports a variety of charities through the distribution of gaming machine profits. Their main focus is providing funds for amateur sport, but they also support other important causes such as arts, community groups, and education. We are most grateful that they have us included us as one of those other causes. Their generous support has allowed us to provide weekly Clown Doctor visits to the Neonatal ward at Wellington Hospital.



Manchester Unity Welfare Trust Board


Manchester Unity Welfare Trust board

Manchester Unity is New Zealand's oldest traditional Friendly Society. Friendly Societies originated in England over 400 years ago as mutual support organisations where communities pooled funds for helping members get through hard times. Established in 1842, Manchester Unity operates lodges where members can meet and socialise, and provides members with health products and lifestyle benefits. They have generously given us a grant for our operations that support older person's health.



Rata Foundation 

Rata Foundation (previously Canterbury Community Trust) was set up to distribute funds within the Canterbury region for charitable, philanthropic, recreational, and cultural benefits. The Foundation seeks to benefit the region's quality of life, as the donations they make support people working within charities and voluntary organisations to create rewarding social and cultural results. 






Pub Charity

Pub Charity aims to support local communities through the distribution of some gaming machine profits. The law requires a minimum community return of 37.12%, but Pub Charity acts socially responsible with aims to return more than just the bare minimum, with the majority of donation funds being returned directly into the communities they were raised in. Pub Charity has had more than 20 years of history raising funds for nationwide organisations, and we are very grateful to be one of their recipients. 



International Institute for Medical Clowning
@ Steinbeis University Berlin

A crucial part of the Clown Doctors is having qualified artists to spread cheer and smiles to hospitalised children and the vulnerable. The programme in Berlin is run by our very own Prof. Thomas Petschner, as he educates people with a background in performing arts in extending their artistic knowledge and experience. The delicate situations our Clown Doctors find themselves in require a lot of preparation, such as an understanding of the needs of people in pain, and their psychological state. In addition to this, the Clown Doctors need to be aware of how to facilitate the relationship between hospital staff and medical clowns to raise the Medical Clowning profile with the health industry. The Institute provdides qualifications in Medical Clowning, and works towards gaining worldwide recognition as an occupation. Furthermore, the International Institute for Medical Clowning works very closely with the Clown Doctors New Zealand Charitable Trust as we both seek to share smiles with the world. We are grateful for the support the Institute provides, and thankful for all the work they are doing in the field of Medical Clowning.






Super Smile Sponsors

contribute essential resources on an ongoing basis: funding, pro-bono partnership, support such as in gift in kind, as well as a wide range of high quality products. We are very appreciative of their support that helps us to keep our operations running.

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PriceWaterHouseCoopers is a multinational professional services company, with its New Zealand arm lending its support to us on an ongoing basis. PwC is a leading Financial Services company, and we are very grateful for the services they provide to us in our annual audits. PwC has made a commitment to making a difference in the community, and showing corporate responsibility. We applaud the generous culture within PwC, and their passion and commitment to both clients and the community.


Rotary Club

One of the aims of the Rotary Foundation is to improve health, and we are very grateful for the street appeals and other assistance the Riccarton and Christchurch Central clubs have given to us as we endeavour to use laughter as medicine.



           Blogg Charitable Trust

Blogg Charitable Trust

Blogg Charitable Trust is a philanthropic trust inaugurated in 1985 by Fred and Bernie Blogg. It supports disadvantaged children and people with disabilities who live in the Canterbury region. Their support has helped us provide a second shift at Christchurch hospital to address the needs of children whose immune systems have been compromised by stress following the Christchurch earthquakes.




Harcourts Foundation

The Harcourts Foundation was launched in 2008 as a charitable arm of the iconic real estate organisation here in New Zealand. Harcourts considers the Harcourts Foundation to be at the heart of their core values – people first, doing the right thing, being courageous and fun and laughter. These are values that align perfectly with Clown Doctors, and we are most grateful for their generous contribution to our Christchurch operations.




Fullers is the leading ferry service in Auckland, and has been for over 20 years. Their scenic trips can take passengers/commuters to Devonport, Rangitoto Island, and Waiheke Island. Fullers considers supporting community groups an integral part of their business practice, and we are thankful for their support in ferrying our Waiheke Clown Doctors to the Mainland to do their Starship Hospital shifts. 



Mainland Foundation

The Mainland Foundation is a fellow non-profit organisation that distributes the proceeds from gaming machines nationwide. They are proud to adhere to social responsibility by contributing to the community, and we are proud to be one of their recipients. 




Mega Advertising

Mega Advertising is a Christchurch-based creative advertising agency that works across mixed media, including website design, branding design, and printed design. We are very grateful to the team at Mega Advertising for all of the hard work and creativity they put into creating our original website, a true service we could not survive without.





The Community Organisation Grants Scheme (COGS) is a community-focussed fund that provides grants to non-profit organisations, such as the Clown Doctors. They contribute towards community-based social services, with one priority sector being 'Youth and Children'. We are very privileged to be a recipient of their grants as we work at making children smile.




Cerveny Nos

Cerveny Nos is our Slovakian branch of the Red Noses Clown Doctors, with 48 professional artists visiting 39 hospitals in 36 cities around Slovakia. After the devastating Canterbury Earthquake, Cerveny Nos kindly donated a significant amount of money to assist us in the recovery process.





The Lion Foundation

The Lion Foundation is one of New Zealand's oldest Community Gaming trusts, and holds the philosophy to 'make a difference'. They fund a diverse range of causes, including health and wellbeing, and endeavour to ensure that the funding is beneficial to the wider community. The Lion Foundation focuses on helping the community by directing 90% of the funds back into the local council area in which they were raised; and also pride themselves on their keen interest in the recipients of their grants, one of which we are very grateful to be.





Shoezies had considerable success as a shoe boutique in Christchurch's High St, but the February Earthquake in 2011 has forced them to relocate to Wellington, sharing the building of fellow sponsor the Muesum Art Hotel. Their high-quality European footwear showcases innovation and creativity alongside beautiful design and craftsmanship. We are very grateful for their ongoing support from Wellington, and proud to be aligned with them.


Red Noses, Clowndoctors International, Vienna

Clown Doctors New Zealand Charitable Trust started out as an associated partner of Red Noses Clown Doctors International and its International School of Humour, which provided two specialised trainings in New Zealand. 

RNI supported and stood by Clown Doctors New Zealand when they were first starting out. They shared with us their know how and expertise, and gave us moral support as well as significant financial support. We are very grateful for their financial support, especially directly after the February earthquake in Christchurch when funding was tough and most money raised went to the earthquake relief fund.  




At Giggle we have two beliefs:

  • There is too much bad news in the world
  • Small to medium enterprise pay too much for marketing

To remedy this we created an entertainment network and we make people laugh. We install screens in areas of wait such as cafes, gyms, food outlets etc. Interspersed with the sticky content are commercial messages for local businesses. This has created a medium for local businesses to deliver brand messages in an affordable and engaging way. Even on a global scale, we are unique in our approach to out of home digital media.



Big Smile Sponsors

These supporters have contributed to the Trust through providing us with very valuable pro-bono services and products. We appreciate all of their support, and are thankful for their contribution.

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Top Ten Holiday Parks, New Zealand

Top Ten Holiday Parks provides accommodation for all budgets, ranging from unpowered campsites to park motels and self-contained units. As one of the Major Sponsors for the Clown Doctors, they provide us with both significant financial support and the use of their services. There are 51 parks located throughout New Zealand, all in unique park-like settings that represent the "Great Kiwi Holiday". Top Ten Holiday Parks also provide safe indoor and outdoor recreational areas, welcoming children and giving adults a break to relax, knowing their children are in good hands. We admire the Top Ten Holday Parks' family-centric approach, and are grateful for their support as we make families smile in settings not as enjoyable as a holiday.




Mega Advertising

Mega Advertising is a Christchurch-based creative advertising agency that works across mixed media, including website design, branding design, and printed design. We are very grateful to the team at Mega Advertising for all of the hard work and creativity they put into creating our original website, a true service we could not survive without.


Print Stop (

Print Stop provides almost every printing service required, from the design to the despatch. Print Stop makes the printing process easy, with staff that can assist with concept, copy, and creative designs. At the Clown Doctors we are very happy with what Print Stop have done for us, from printing marketing material to financial support, and we are very grateful for all of their hard work. 


Smile Supporters & Clown Doctors Friends

It takes a lot of small pieces make up a large puzzle, and these friends of the Clown Doctors are fantastic small pieces to have on board. We are very grateful for the support they lend to us, as we deliver smiles to those in need.

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Christchurch City Council

We are grateful to our local government body for their support and all the work they do.



Triple0 is a specialist doctor recruitment agency focussed on placing doctors in work throughout Australia and New Zealand


Saunders Robinson Brown, Lawyers

Sanders Robinson Brown Lawyers have grown from strength to strength in Christchurch, with a wide range of specialties.


McCarthy Design

McCarthy design is a Christchurch based studio run by Stephen McCarthy, with an impressive portfolio that many would recognise. Stephen designed our first flyer for us.


Chambers PR

Chambers PR is a Christchurch based Public Relations agency with many years of experience, and a philosophy of having fun while exceeding expectations.


Showbiz Christchurch

Showbiz Christchurch provides Cantabrians with many smiles through their yearly major productions, showcasing all of the musical theatre talent Christchurch holds. We are very grateful to Showbiz Christchurch for providing us with space to hold workshops and auditions.



International brand Deloitte covers all commerce needs, for companies large or small.



The CECC is the South Island's largest business support agency, and supports businesses of all sizes to ensure Canterbury's enterprises are successful.

Mortlock Mccormack Law

The team at Mortlock McCormack lives by the motto 'Business Based - People Focused', and their community support is much appreciated by our Trust. 



If you like to smile LIKE the real smile-makers on