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We bring JOY & LAUGHTER to the children in hospitals, LIFT the SPIRITS of people in need and contribute to making our society more HEARTFELT & HUMOROUS  

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New Zealand Smile Day & Smile Initiatives



The mission of the Clown Doctors is to bring JOY & LAUGHTER to children in hospitals, and support older person's health. We lift the spirits of people in need nationwide. Clown Doctors are contributing towards a more heartfelt and humorous society, which has inspired the establishment of the New Zealand Smile Day and Smile Initiatives.

The Clown Doctors Smile Day is a nationwide, annual fundraising appeal for Clown Doctors. The aim is to highlight to both the public and corporations ways to have fun positively influencing their associates by working towards a more heartfelt and humorous society.

Our Smile Initiatives are based on tailored ideas and activities for every industry, such as: Art 4 a Smile, Chocolate 4 a Smile, Sports 4 a Smile and many others. This provides organisations with another opportunity to promote their brand, products or services while demonstrating social responsibility and contributing to happier staff and a more positive atmosphere.

The New Zealand Smile Day is annualy on April 7th and is the culmination of the Smile Initiatives and fundraising activities, focussing on a nationwide fundraiser and highlighting of Clown Doctors events.

‘Producing’ smiles connects your organisation with the positive mission of the Clown Doctors, and also helps to fundraise for the children and elderly in hospitals who we pass your smiles on to.

We will organise free humour workshops for our supporters, as well as providing them with different ideas on how to generate smiles from colleagues, clients, friends – actually, anybody you interact with.

Our sponsors are our socially responsible partners, in addition to their position as financial backers. If you or your company/organisation is interested in aligning with the Smile Initiatives, or connecting with a niche audience of the region's brightest visionaries, please contact us today on We have a sponsorship offer for you, which we'd be happy to discuss with a personal presentation. 



If you like to smile LIKE the real smile-makers on