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We bring JOY & LAUGHTER to the children in hospitals, LIFT the SPIRITS of people in need and contribute to making our society more HEARTFELT & HUMOROUS  

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Fundraise 4 a Smile

The clowns give everyone they meet a smile; no matter if they are small or grown-up patients, the family who feels with them and might have difficulties coping with the situation, or medical doctors and nursing staff. They are all under considerable strain day in and day out.

In the daily work of the Clown Doctors it becomes evident that their endeavours are accepted gratefully by all groups as they try to ease the burdens and seriousness of the hospital routine.



We are aware of the necessity to approach a wide range of potential supporters because we know that everyone can relate to having known someone (children, grandchildren, parents, siblings etc.) who has been in hospital at some point in their lives.

That’s why we are convinced that fundraising sources are a consideration for everyone and also invite YOU to fundraise 4 a smile. There are many great possibilities and we would be very happy to discuss your ideas and assist you in finding the best options for your fundraising activities.

Please contact us on and keep smiling.

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