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We bring JOY & LAUGHTER to the children in hospitals, LIFT the SPIRITS of people in need and contribute to making our society more HEARTFELT & HUMOROUS  

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Childrens programme

Clown Doctors are changing the lives of the children and their parents, mainly by distracting them during difficult procedures and making the hospital environment a little bit less of a scary place to be.


Clown Doctors are aware that when your child is sick, everything matters to you. That’s why everything matters to the Clown Doctors who come through the door with a commitment of the WELLBEING of your child.  It's an approach to caring that produces remarkable results throughout Children's Wards in Christchurch, Starship in Auckland and Wellington Children’s Hospital. Depending on the hospital, Clown Doctors visit general wards, day stay and outpatient departments, intensive care, oncology, acute medical assessment, emergency department, or even additional wards if requested.  

We are respectful of cultural diversities and discreet when dealing with the sick and their families & friends.  Clown Doctors visits are so successful that they will also be defining the future of pediatric services and how additional care will be provided for generations to come.

Please read the following testimonials and find out how patients, parents, nurses and doctors view our involvement. We also look forward to your feedback or even an additional photo from an encounter with Clown Doctors. Thank you for your support, which will help to improve our services.


Testimonials and Feedback

I am very impressed with the professionalism...

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I am very impressed with the professionalism of the Clown Doctors. Even while they are being silly they are always respectful of patients and staff. They religiously keep detailed records of all interactions with patients and they are very responsive to feedback from medical staff.

Tony White - Child Health Psychologist, Christchurch Hospital

I am so thrilled to be given this opportunity...

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Good morning Tony
I am so thrilled to be given this opportunity to express my, my daughters, and grandson Joshua's, thoughts on the clown visit he had while a patient on Tuesday 17th November.
We had read about the clowns and the work they did in an article in The Press, and even from that thought what a great idea. It was with much excitement that we had a first hand experience when both the clowns entered Joshua's room.

At the time Joshua was recovering from a early morning treatment so was having a late breakfast.  He was quiet on their initial entrance - this being this first experience of having a clown so close.  He certainly was not intimidated by them, and yet is a child who is a "thinker", "sit back and watch" type child.  He is always reserved and looks before participating.

Both clowns came quietly into the room, made introductions and then interacted between themselves with a game of "Hide and Seek", this was obviously used to get the child to call out where the other clown was.  This was followed by juggling, again the play is such that it "invites" participation.
By this stage Joshua was verbally responding, and obviously relaxed in their "show".
My Daughter returned at this stage and they then introduced a game of "spinning plates which had myself, daughter and them all spinning plates on sticks.  This was much enjoyed by Joshua.
They carried a small suitcase which contained many items for further play.  We also had a game with a duck - Hide and Peek, again this invites participation. I found it interesting that during their visit we had a group of around 6 medical people looking in the window, enjoying the "show".

Later, when we were in the "Playroom" the male clown made a visit.  He waved out to Joshua and then sat very quietly with a very reserved child who was making Play-dough biscuits.
He slowly started making biscuits and over a period of time had the child talking along with him. I found this quite moving that he could be a funny clown with a child who was receptive, and yet could with a quieter approach and empathy "communicate and participate in play" with a very reserved child.

We have spoken with Joshua about his stay in hospital and the clowns visit, he said he liked them and would like to see them again. In my and my daughters opinion this duo make a very worthwhile contribution to a child's hospital visit and do so hope that this may continue for others to enjoy.

Thank you for being part of a medical system that cares about making hospital a place that children can have a "happy experience" alongside the need for medical care.

Geraldine Rae -  (Grandmother of Joshua), Monique Rae (Mother of Joshua) Joshua Rae - Patient - aged three

I believe you were part of the team at the...

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Our first visit at the children’s ward and a statement from Jimmy’s mother  

Hi Louise,

I believe

you were part of the team at the hospital today.  I just wanted to say how much my wee boy Jimmy (3 years) enjoyed it.  I hope that the programme gets all the support it needs as it was fantastic to see the smile on his face.

Jimmy nearly died on Friday morning due to a severe acute asthma attack and spent 2 days hooked up to a machine to help him breathe.  He had multiple blood tests, lines in, face masks, pokes and prods over the 5 days he spent in hospital but it was you 2 clowns that have left the lasting impression on him.

He is very used to the hospital as he is one of their regular visitors but on his way home today he turned round to me with a huge grin and said "i think the clowns made me better mum". On the way home in the car he wasn't thinking about his sickness but was busy asking me if he could go to the circus tonight to find the clowns again.

Just thought you should know how much your time is valued by those who are on the other end

All the best for all your clowning

Charlotte Morris - (Jimmys mum)

I am the Ward Clerk in CAA and we see...

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I am the Ward Clerk in CAA and we see lots of very sick children here and also very stressed parents. It is always a pleasure to see the Clown Doctors when they come into the Ward. They bring a sense of fun that gives a lift to the whole atmosphere on the Ward. I think they make a very valuable contribution to the well-being of children in hospital.

Lynda Driscoll - Ward Clerk Children’s Acute Assessment Unit, Christchurch Hospital

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