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We bring JOY & LAUGHTER to the children in hospitals, LIFT the SPIRITS of people in need and contribute to making our society more HEARTFELT & HUMOROUS  

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Become a Smile Sponsor

A winning smile makes winners of us all and that’s why we would like to show you that our cause could fit perfectly with the development of your product or services, in the region you wish to target, and how that will work well for a long time.

We all know that corporate activities are judged by criteria relevant to society and/or general social trends. So it’s a win-win situation that we are able to offer a range of innovative sponsorship benefits and instant gratification, permanent transparency and leverage opportunities.

Photo: Kurt Langer

The following values will also be associated with your enterprise when co-operating with Clown Doctors New Zealand: 

Image transfer align your company with social responsibility, health, optimism, humour, high ethical standards, fun, happiness, high quality performance, respect, loyalty, creativity...

High brand popularity will increase emotional stimulation in addition to your product information.

The brand presence can be communicated more easily with our cause as an “isolated” message.

Huge acceptance within the population results in potential new clients, partners etc.

- New markets opening because Clown Doctors reaches a wide variety of target groups.

Strong Media presence PR, promotions, events, increase community and public awareness.

Social sponsoring offers the opportunity of playing an active role and of taking responsibility for community support.

Above all, long-term corporate partnership with the Clown Doctors brings respectability and creation of confidence to your enterprise.  This might be the reason why our associated partner Red Noses Clown Doctors International, has for years been ranked within the Top 10 most popular, non-profit organisations in six European countries.

We will work closely with each  partner and customise our brand new SMILE INITIATIVE package to meet the specific needs of each sponsor which will give you much more benefit than just great marketing.

We know that your success is also our success!

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